Solar electricity + Energy storage + electromobility – does it add up?

It absolutely does! Today you can generate electricity on your own, and considering the recent electricity price trend this also makes more and more sense. The opportunity of a well-engineered technology that’s both affordable and efficient, helps you in deciding in favor of the investment. Here at SEGMENT, we believe in established and certified quality products!

New performance-optimized photovoltaic cells with increasingly better degrees of efficiency ensure that the use of solar electricity in Germany is still profitable. Up-to-date energy storages meet all demands for everyday operation. Financial subsidies and programmes provided by KfW (German state-owned investment and development bank) and others continue to exist.

Even self-sufficiency is not unthinkable if you combine high-quality storages produced by E3DC with the generation of solar energy and a charging station. Compensate power failures effortlessly with the help of an integrated emergency power supply. Your new electric car serves as an additional storage device for your energy. We should also mention that you are not worsening the climate conditions for our planet  by your investment: the aforementioned system is absolutely emission-free.

But how much does it cost you? Basically nothing, because the unit will generate electricity for at least 20 years to come and moreover will generate a profit on your investment. And this is how it adds up!

Your benefits:

  • heating, e.g. heat pump + solar electricity generation – everything from a single source
  • combinable bundles (photovoltaics – energy storage – electromobility) at a fixed price
  • consulting on subsidies
  • free planning and consulting for your photovoltaics unit
  • exclusive use of quality products (modules, storages and wall boxes 

Preconditions for the installation of a photovoltaic system:

  • roof area of > 10 sqm
  • Roof inclination is ideally at 20-50 degrees. (In case of flat roofs the modules will be tilted.)
  • Roof should be oriented with south-east to south-west exposure.
  • Roof area should be shaded as little as possible (by trees, houses, dormers).

Even if the aforementioned criteria are only partially met, a photovoltaic system can still prove profitable on your roof.
We can quickly calculate that for you if given some parameters.