Customer Service

Our Strong Partner for Every Service Question: Aqua-Energy-Plus Inc. 

Everything we do, we do it right. Thus, we have responded to the market development of recent years and decided to specialise our customer service and outsource it into an efficient and service-oriented partner company. Concerning service and maintenance of heat generators, air conditioning, and sanitary facilities we cooperate closely with Aqua-Energy-Plus GmbH. The AEP service company offers professional customer service in the fields of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and sanitation as well as maintenance agreements with enticing conditions and a 24-h emergency service. The certified technicians are well equipped for the maintenance of your appliances and facilities.

Your advantages: The separate business unit permits faster accessibility and a quicker handling of your requests.

Apart from our customer-oriented service, we mainly focus on conventional heating systems of different size classes, like boilers and thermae, the care and maintenance of air conditioning, ventilator systems, and solar installations as well as on the highly qualified care for CHP facilities of the Danish BTTP producer EC Power and the German manufacturer Viessmann.

In Action Around the Clock 

No matter if you need small or bigger repairs, regular maintenance, or, worst case, quick help from our emergency services — the AEP service company is your reliable partner and long-term companion. Aqua-Energy-Plus GmbH is a service company and certified partner of numerous well-known manufacturers. Therefore, it is your contact in and around Berlin if you are looking for competent services on the topic of heating.

AEP Phone:
030 / 202 378 520