Air Conditioning

Pleasant Temperatures Thanks to Air Conditioning – Segment Gebäudetechnik in Berlin 

Air conditioning, which has been part of the standard equipment in almost every car for almost 20 years, is now in growing demand within households. Especially in summer, when heat and high humidity take their toll on us, a cooled space is a welcome comfort. More and more households in Berlin appreciate the convenience of air conditioning, mostly because this is not the luxury item it used to be 10 years ago. There is a wide, promising range to choose from. We have decided to sell only systems by well-known manufacturers, as for example Samsung. Explore your possibilities in a consultation session. Just call us or use our contact form.

A Sound Consultation Is a Good Start 

Since air conditioning systems are not common household appliances that one simply needs to turn on for them to start working, we advise that our customers make use of an extensive consultation prior to their purchase. Air conditioners often consist of many different assembled parts, the so-called aggregates. These require a specific installation and maintenance. As a customer, you should be able to rely on professional experts regarding the choice, installation, and regular maintenance of your air conditioning. We have skilled personnel for air conditioning — ranging from the consultation to high-performance partners that will maintain your appliances.