Drinking Water

Clean Drinking Water – Your Health Comes First 

Drinking water is the most essential of all provisions – it is irreplaceable. Having access to clean and germ-free drinking water is vital for a healthy life. This also includes the water we use for our daily hygiene. The keyword here is legionellosis (also called Legionnaires’ disease), which is caused by the so-called legionella. The quality management of circulating (drinking) water is, therefore, an essential part of every sustainable building technology — from the house connection to the reservoir and the tapping point. Our manufacturers are equipped with technical skills and a keen awareness for the quality standards required. This ensures that your drinking water supply is and stays clean. Please make use of one of our personal consultations and inquire about the topic of drinking water purification.

Drinking Water Purification Has Many Advantages 

A key factor when it comes to drinking water treatment is your health. The regional waterworks and companies usually supply you with clean and hygienically impeccable drinking water. However, due to repairs, sanitation, or other works on the supply network, small particles like sand, sealant, or even metal cuttings may find their way into the pipe system and impair your water quality. If you provide for your drinking water yourself, for example, through a well or a spring, the number of dirt particles may be even higher — especially when the weather is bad. These contaminations in the water are often the cause of dripping faucets, clogged drains, blocked valves in appliances, and a higher hygiene risk. The worst case scenario is that pitting corrosions lead to burst pipes. To avoid costly reconstruction, it is wise to look at the topic of drinking water treatment with due attention.