CHP – the Economic Alternative to the Separated Generation of Power and Warmth 

With CHP technology (combined heat and power), you are generating energy exactly where it is used, in a decentralised way. Thus, this principle combines efficiency and climate protection aspects. A block-type thermal power station in combination with gas fired condensing technologies results in unbeatable efficiency. We have certified experts for the building and supervising of these CHP facilities. Every year, Berlin’s Segment Gebäudetechnik GmbH installs numerous CHPs, ranging from 1 to 500 kW in electric capacity. Among our customers are owners of single-family homes and blocks of flats as well as retirement houses, care homes, the housing industry, and general industry. While successfully realising several large industrial projects, we were further able to prove our knowledge regarding the asset category of more than 250 kW.

Fuel Cells: Use Tomorrow’s Technology Today

The latest fad in the field of heating is fuel cell technology. In principle, this technology is the most efficient form of combined heat and power. It proves itself with low energy usage and protects the environment through low emission of greenhouse gasses. We have now left the stage of pilot projects and field tests behind; market-ready products are on the rise. The precious idea of combined heat and power (CHP) — to generate electricity and heat in a decentralised manner, where it is used — will conquer the market in a broader scope. We have invested in this technology from the start and can, with pride, behold our first successfully installed systems.